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Zeus SH
member, spacehawks

HW expert

Was born: 1973.03.03
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 72 kg

Main Occupation As Group Member: hw expert
Preferences Related to: motorbiking, taking photographs, collecting operating systems, taking excursions with palm and mobile phone included
Most admired writer: Stanislav Lem
Favourite handheld: Sony Clié
Favourite motorbike: Simson
Favourite camera: Nikon F1
Favourite car: Mustang
Favourite instrumental tools: TB303, Korg M1
Best music heard: Koto, Chris Hülsbeck
Best book: Discworld
Best movie: Gone in 60 seconds
Best film series: Magnum, Married with children
Most hated things on earth: socks made of synthetic fibre
Most important things on Earth: 42